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I love flying. And I love to take videos when I fly commercial. Here are some of my favorite videos that I have taken over the years. Most of the videos were taken with my iPhone. So don't be suprised if the video bounces around a bit. Landings and takeoffs on the runway can be bumpy!!!

I have cataloged all of my commercial airline flight videos and provided notes for each file so you can choose which one to view. When you click on the link, a pop-up window to play the video. Once queued, the video should start or you can hit the video play button. Some of the videos are large and may take a few seconds to fully load. You can also view the video in full screen mode to really. Enjoy!

Jet Videos ordered by File Name
Number of Available Videos: 77
Video File NameDescription
airvideo77.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24R
airvideo76.mp4Taking off from Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 25R.
airvideo75.mp4Landing in Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 24R. Great view of downtown LA.
airvideo74.mp4Landing in Chicago O'Hare (ORD) RWY 27C.
airvideo73.mp4Landing in Chicago O'Hare (ORD) RWY 27R. Beautiful sunset approach.
airvideo72.mp4Taking off from Portland (PDX) RWY 28R. Typical dreary day in Portland with low clouds.
airvideo71.mp4Taking off from Chicago O'Hare (ORD) RWY 9R
airvideo70.mp4Landing in Chicago O'Hare (ORD) RWY 10C. Descending through a low cloud layer.
airvideo69.mp4Taking off from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R. Low cloud day and breaking through the clouds.
airvideo68.mp4Landing in Newark (EWR) RWY 4R.
airvideo67.mp4Taking off from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24L. January winter departure and low clouds.
airvideo66.mp4Taking off from Lihue, Kauai, HI (LIH) RWY 03. A spectacular view. Check out the waves and color of the ocean.
airvideo65.mp4Landing in Honolulu, HI (HNL) RWY 4R. Saab 340.
airvideo64.mp4Taking off from Molokai, HI (MKK). Flying on a Saab 340 Turboprop, Mokulele Airlines.
airvideo63.mp4Landing in Houston (IAH) RWY 8L. Note the parallel plane on approach to 8R.
airvideo62.mp4Taking off from Dallas (DAL) RWY 31L. Beautiful evening departure
airvideo61.mp4Landing in Dallas (DAL) Love Field RWY 31R. One of my rare flights om Southwest Airlines.
airvideo60.mp4Taking off from Houston (IAH) RWY 15R. Right turn out and you can see the airport.
airvideo59.mp4Taking off from Houston (IAH) RWY 15R. Airbus heading to Austin
airvideo58.mp4Landing in Newark (EWR) RWY 22L. 767 Returning from Munich.
airvideo57.mp4Taking off from Newark (EWR) RWY 22R. 767 Flight to Munich.
airvideo56.mp4Landing in Newark (EWR) RWY 22L. Nice clear day.
airvideo55.mp4Taking off from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R. Very clear morning departure.
airvideo54.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6L. Low visibility landing.
airvideo53.mp4Landing in Orlando (MCO) RWY 36L. Such a beautiful day.
airvideo52.mp4Taking off from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24L. Nice day. Used lots of runway.
airvideo51.mp4Landing in Portland (PDX) RWY 28R. Beautiful view on the approach. Tracked the shadow of the plane down.
airvideo50.mp4Landing in Denver (DEN) RWY 35R. Winter time.
airvideo49.mp4Landing in Seattle (SEA) RWY 16R on a very rainy day.
airvideo48.mp4Landing in San Francisco (SFO) RWY 28R. Clow cloud and rainy day.
airvideo47.mp4Landing in Denver (DEN) RWY 34R. Real clear day and a specatular view on the approach of the airport.
airvideo46.mp4Landing in Denver (DEN) RWY 17R. Real clear day.
airvideo45.mp4Taking off from Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) RWY 27. Great view of entire terminal area.
airvideo44.mp4Taking off from San Diego (SAN) RWY 27.
airvideo43.mp4Landing in San Diego (SAN) RWY 27. Check out the aircraft carriers in port.
airvideo42.mp4Taking off from San Francisco (SFO) RWY 1L. Very clear day. Left turn then left with great view of SFO.
airvideo41.mp4Landing in San Francisco (SFO) RWY 28L. Clear day.
airvideo40.mp4Landing in Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 25L. Dreamliner flight from Japan.
airvideo39.mp4Landing in Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 25L on a very clear day.
airvideo38.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24R. Very clear day.
airv ideo37.mp4Taking off from Lihue, Hawaii (LIH) RWY 03. Beautiful view.
airvideo36.mp4Taking off from Portland (PDX) RWY 28R
airvideo35.mp4Taking off from London Heathrow (EGLL) RWY 9R. United 767 back to the US.
airvideo34.mp4Landing in San Diego (SAN) RWY 27. Note the view of the naval shipyard. Cloudy day.
airvideo33.mp4Taking off from Portland (PDX) at night RWY 10L
airvideo32.mp4Taking off from San Francisco (SFO) RWY 28R. Watch the fast turn to the right and the view of SFO.
airvideo31.mp4Takeoff from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R
airvideo30.mp4Landing in Seattle (SEA) RWY 16C
airvideo29.mp4Taking off from San Francisco (SFO) RWY 1R
airvideo28.mp4Landing in San Francisco (SFO) RWY 28R
airvideo27.mp4Taking off from Orlando (MCO) RWY 35L (No Sound)
airvideo26.mp4Taking off from Las Vegas (LAS) RWY 26R
airvideo25.mp4Taking off from Newark (EWR) RWY 4L
airvideo24.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6L. United Airbus 320
airvideo23.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R
airvideo22.mp4Taking off from San Francisco (SFO) RWY 1R
airvideo21.mp4Takeoff from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R
airvideo20.mp4Taking off from Austin, TX (AUS) RWY 17R
airvideo19.mp4Landing in Boston (BOS) RWY 33L (No Sound) Embraer 145
airvideo18.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24R on a cloudy day
airvideo17.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R
airvideo16.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24L
airvideo15.mp4Taking off from San Francisco (SFO) RWY 28L. United 747 headed to Seoul, Korea
airvideo14.mp4Taking off from Japan Narita International Airport (NRT) RWY 16R. First trip on a United 787 Dreamliner
airvideo13.mp4Descending into clouds on approach to Cleveland (CLE)
airvideo12.mp4Taking off from Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 25R
airvideo11.mp4Landing in Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 25L on a low cloud day
airvideo10.mp4Landing in Houston (IAH) RWY 9 on a wet day
airvideo9.mp4Taking off in Houston (IAH) RWY 15L
airvideo8.mp4Landing in Los Angeles (LAX) RWY 24R
airvideo7.mp4Takeoff from Boston (BOS) RWY 22R
airvideo6.mp4Landing in Boston (BOS) RWY 4R
airvideo5.mp4Continental Airlines B737 descending into the clouds
airvideo4.mp4Landing in Cleveland (CLE) RWY 24R in the evening and rain
airvideo3.mp4Taking off from Houston (IAH) RWY 15R on a rainy day
airvideo2.mp4Landing in Houston (IAH) RWY 8R in a hazy day.
airvideo1.mp4Takeoff from Cleveland (CLE) RWY 6R
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