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Triple Play Chart
Alabama W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
Alaska W1AW/KL7 W1AW/KL7 W1AW/KL7
Arizona W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
Arkansas W1AW/5 W1AW/5 W1AW/5
California W1AW/6 W1AW/6 W1AW/6
Colorado W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Connecticut W1AW/1 W1AW/1 W1AW/1
Delaware W1AW/3 W1AW/3 W1AW/3
Florida W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
Georgia W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
Hawaii W1AW/KH6 W1AW/KH6 W1AW/KH6
Idaho W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
Illinois W1AW/9 W1AW/9 W1AW/9
Indiana W1AW/9 W1AW/9 W1AW/9
Iowa W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Kansas W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Kentucky W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
Louisiana W1AW/5 W1AW/5 W1AW/5
Maine W1AW/1 W1AW/1 W1AW/1
Maryland W1AW/3 W1AW/3 W1AW/3
Massachusetts W1AW/1 W1AW/1 W1AW/1
Michigan W1AW/8 W1AW/8 W1AW/8
Minnesota W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Mississippi W1AW/5 W1AW/5 W1AW/5
Missouri W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Montana W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
Nebraska W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Nevada W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
New Hampshire W1AW/1 W1AW/1 W1AW/1
New Jersey W1AW/2 W1AW/2 W1AW/2
New Mexico W1AW/5 W1AW/5 W1AW/5
New York W1AW/2 W1AW/2 W1AW/2
North Carolina W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
North Dakota W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Ohio W1AW/8 W1AW/8 W1AW/8
Oklahoma W1AW/5 W1AW/5 W1AW/5
Oregon W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
Pennsylvania W1AW/3 W1AW/3 W1AW/3
Rhode Island W1AW/1 W1AW/1 W1AW/1
Sout Carolina W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
South Dakota W1AW/0 W1AW/0 W1AW/0
Tennessee W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
Texas W1AW/5 W1AW/5 W1AW/5
Utah W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
Vermont W1AW/1 W1AW/1 W1AW/1
Virginia W1AW/4 W1AW/4 W1AW/4
Washington W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
West Virginia W1AW/8 W1AW/8 W1AW/8
Wisconsin W1AW/9 W1AW/9 W1AW/9
Wyoming W1AW/7 W1AW/7 W1AW/7
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